Wow! Winter has been a busy time!

Posted by Kiriwai Hedges on

When you look at what you planned and saw the date you planned it, aaaarrrgh! That was ages ago! I have designs, ideas but time is very limited.

This winter we have had our sons rugby league, not just as parents but my husband is the coach and I am the trainer, so training and game day gives us little time.
BUT, we have started another business 'I AM Fitness and Mindset Coaching', with the focus of creating pathways for youth to build and progress in rugby league, and other sports when required. I have helped build my husbands idea by doing the admin, designing, financials, being a trainer and taking rehabilitation sessions. Pretty much what I have worked in for the last 15 or so years.As busy a period it has been we have loved it 150%

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